12 Cute Cabin Outfit Ideas

One of the best parts of each season is the weather-related trips planned around them—from beach vacations in the warmer months to snowy ski resorts during the winter. While the current COVID-19 pandemic has impacted our ability to travel in many ways, there are still a few getaway options we can take advantage of this year. One of the options many of us have been utilizing is the cabin trip: getting a little change of scenery while spending most of the time outdoors.

While packing for a cabin trip may seem difficult (between the weather forecast and the activity schedule), it actually only requires a few key items to ensure you’re prepared for a cozy, relaxing getaway. From puffer vests to chunky boots to sweat sets, below are 12 cute cabin outfit ideas that each include a key item to add to your weekender bag. Depending on your agenda, you may need to add a few other items, but using this list as a general starting point will have you pretty safely covered.

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