28 Tried-and-True Basics I’d Be Lost Without

Everyone talks about wardrobe basics so much that the word “basics” tends to lose its meaning. Trust me—I get it (I’m a very self-aware fashion editor). But there’s a reason we all want to know what basics are best: They take up the majority of our wardrobes and get the most wear, so they are indeed important. And the best basics are the ones that come highly recommended via personal experience.

Speaking of personal experience, I’m here to share mine, which I hope will help you shop if you’re in the market for new clothes. I’m giving some of my own unsolicited basics recommendations, as I have some new favorites I want to share (in addition to the ones I’ve been wearing for years). Scroll on for the jeans, tees, blazers, dresses (and so on) that I get so much wear out of, I’d say “I have nothing to wear” a lot if they were gone.

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