5 Internet-Breaking Outfits Jennifer Lopez Just Wore in NYC

Jennifer Lopez knew the eyes of the world would be watching her this weekend, and she dressed accordingly. Let’s face it—the world is always watching J.Lo, but she was in town for a very public event this time: the Global Citizen Live festival. She performed at the festival and was sure to take advantage of the beautiful weather in NYC during a few romantic comedy–esque strolls with Ben Affleck.

Based on what she packed, it’s clear that Lopez is over summer weather and the wardrobe that goes along with it (same), as she packed jeans, coats, boots, and a J.Lo T-shirt that no one can pull off quite like she can. Because we couldn’t choose just one look to highlight and because she wore so many trends, we’re showing you every epic look. Scroll on to see them all, including that cute Bennifer stroll through Madison Square Park that the internet has some questions about.

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