5 Minimalist Influencers on Their Summer Wish Lists

Recently, there’s been a lot of talk about dressing joyfully, and I’ve been very much on board with this sentiment. After over a year of pretty much being on lockdown and wearing joggers, it’s only natural that we’re gravitating towards bright pops of colors and fun patterns to remerge as social butterflies for dinners, brunches and the bar. But we shouldn’t overlook those basics that continue to make up the staple of our wardrobes—joy can be found under many guises. We know from our own intel at Who What Wear that the pieces that tend to sell the best are basics such as white tees, black dresses and vest tops, arguably the bread and butter of our summer wardrobes. 

I turned to five of my favorite people to follow on IG who are well known for their more pared-back wardrobes. Each one has their own distinct style, but the key is that they all have an eye for what makes a really great basic. Here, everyone has told me what they’ve got on their wish list for the coming season. Whether it’s a great shorts suit or just a cut-off T-shirt, all the following pieces can be described with one word: chic. So if minimalism is your thing or you just want some inspiration on how to update your basics, keep scrolling. 

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