5 New Summer Trends on My Wish List and 5 I’m Repeating

The thing about trends is they come and go. Of course, not all are created equal, and some stick around longer or reemerge more often than others, but the general tendency to pop up then eventually lie low again is pretty much the one thing you can count on with trends. With that in mind, it should make complete sense that there are a handful of summer trends from 2020 that have come back for 2021—five of which I’m particularly excited to bring back into my rotation. However, if that sounds boring to you, not to worry, because there are just as many new trends on my radar as there are old ones.

Below, you’ll find all 10 of the trends I’m eyeing for the months ahead in a cute little slide you can save for easy referencing. After that, I highly suggest sticking around to shop my favorite new versions of each one. After all, isn’t that the best part?

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