5 Stylish Denim Skirt Outfits to Wear This Fall

It’s true that fashion exists in one, big giant circle: things that were deemed “over” just a few years ago are suddenly back in the spotlight, and trends that filled the industry’s collective conscious only last year, have quietly subsided into the background. Eventually, they all come around again for another moment in the sun, so once a trend fades it’s usually a matter of when, not if it will resurge among the masses. In the case of the denim skirt, that time is now.

Before you flashback to images of Ashley Tisdale and Destiny’s Child in Von Dutch and cowboy hats, the denim skirt has changed a bit since then. Not necessarily in its core shape or construction, but mainly in the way people have styled them into their daily uniforms.

Sure, you might think of the denim skirt as a summer staple (and it is), but there’s certainly a case to be made for its seasonless appeal. Paired with everything from over-the-knee boots and oversized blazers to outfits with cowboy boots and stylish vests, there are more than a few denim skirt outfits that belong in your closet this fall. We’re partial to adding lots of layers with a bare leg or opting for a cropped, cool statement top. Really, the options are endless. Keep scrolling to see how everyone is styling the piece right now, along with several denim skirts we have on our shopping list.


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