5 Tips For Feeling Overwhelmed When You Are An Empath — Amanda Linette Meder

#1 Listen to calming music

Sometimes for this one, I just open the window and align with the energy of my environment and become it’s music. Other times, I listen to inspirational songs from my college years, the type of music I listened to before I cared about anything. 

Choose jazz, harp or any music that calms your energy. Personally, I like to listen to music on Youtube, ideally on the Artist or the Promoter channel if possible, so the supporters of my joy-balance get the digital reward for it, further creating harmony in the flow.

For ideas on both verbal and instrumental calming tracks, I have a few playlists I use for when I’m working on my YouTube Channel. Some of these are where I begin when harmonizing my own energy field.

#2 Use calming skincare and wellness ingredients

If you look at the labels for skincare or foods marked as calming or peace-inducing, you do find commonalities – oatmeal, green tea, aloe, rose, lavender, chamomile and evergreen essences. 

Incorporate these foods, fragrances, essences in your life and it can naturally promote a chill state of mind. I like to go with integrating one new ingredient a day, and then loading up on the ones that worked for me in the past, during the times of life when more self-nurturing is called for.

#3 Let go of others demands

Unless it’s legally mandated, a commitment of love, or requirement for your work or life purpose, it’s not necessary, you can cut it out. Other people’s demands are not personal nor implicitly related to you at all, so it can be okay to let some go.

Incoming demands can create a sense of overwhelm and thankfully, you can let go of demands in many ways.

One way I let go of demands on my energy, is I like to periodically go through and Unsubscribe from marketing emails.

I’ve also set up a valence tiered chart for social interactions. Imagine you are the nucleus, which electrons get to be where in your valence in terms of immediate access to you?

I put housemates and family in the first tier, paying clients and actively paying jobs in the second, and then social and brand chatter all the way on the outside. 

However you arrange it, if you free up your cache of incoming demands, it usually promotes a greater sense of balance for most empathic individuals.

#4 Go inward

The news you read yesterday probably hasn’t changed much from the news you read today. So unless someone actually calls using a telephone or formal letter, it can help promote calm feelings to just go silent and go within for a while. 

By going within and quieting your energy, your mind’s eye will often show you sources of overwhelm, so you can further create peace in your life.

#5 Accept welcoming options to be with others

Granted most of the time, you feel safe and comfortable. When you mark out time to be with others who love you and accept you as you when you feel this way, they naturally lift your energy and spread it out, promoting a feeling of togetherness and unity. This goes for both introverts and extroverts.

When you feel togetherness, the feeling of “I’m all alone in this” lifts, which is often the source feeling of overwhelm, and it can smooth the energy of overwhelm back to one of resonance and balance.

All of the above can promote a feeling of oneness and harmony with all that is, and a sense that you are in alignment with life. This is where overwhelm dissolves and an open heart, and feeling grounded and connected begins.

Once there you can access intuition, Divine Guidance and most importantly a sense of love and appreciation for the world around.

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