All I Want to Do Is Dress Like This Cool 22 Year Old

If someone asked me about my style icons, I wouldn’t be able to tell you much. Other than Miles Davis, Rihanna, and Lady Gaga (random I know), there aren’t a lot of figures that I definitively uphold in terms of style. Quite unexpectedly though, I’m adding a Gen Zer to my list, 22-year-old singer Ama Lou. She first popped up on my radar after hearing my friends rave about her debut EP, DDD, (which I definitely recommend giving a listen to), but it wasn’t until her profile popped up on my explore feed that I realized just how good her style is.

If you break down Ama’s look, it’s pared-back yet not too overly simplistic that you’re bored. It sort of hearkens back to Zendaya’s recent GQ cover shoot–a spread that lives in my brain rent free–with the sleek menswear vibe of loose-fitting button-down shirts, oversized blazers, with a dash of streetwear. It eschews trends yet feels of the moment in the most carefree way possible. Looking at Ama’s outfits I never get the sense that she spent more than 10 minutes picking out her clothes, and that’s precisely the effortlessness I aspire to pull off. You never want to look like you’re trying too hard.

I’ve been mulling over all the ways I can recreate her outfits, so of course, I’m sharing them with you here. Ahead, I’m taking a look at a few of Ama Lou’s key style moments, along with all the pieces you need to nail them.

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