Emily DiDonato’s Favorite Beauty Products

DiDonato says she feels fortunate to have had exposure to beauty throughout her life, but after years of experimenting with skincare and playing product roulette, she felt ready to trade her complex 12-step routine for something more streamlined. “My dermatologist, Julie Russak, has taught me less is more and consistency and product compatibility are key.” Ultimately, this is what led DiDonato to co-found Covey, a simple three-step skin ritual that works across all skin types.

Even though DiDonato’s own line is keeping her busy, she still loves discovering and trying new products to feature on her YouTube channel. “I firmly believe that beauty products should make you feel good and shouldn’t be a source of stress. They should make you feel confident and act as anchors even during the most hectic days,” she says. Keep scrolling to see the picks that make her feel her best.

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