EmRata Loves This $58 Bag So Much She Bought It in 3 Colors

If it ain’t broke, why fix it? When you find something you love, it’s a smart idea to double down and invest in multiple versions. That’s exactly what Emily Ratajkowski did when it came to an It bag she loved: She owns not one, not two, but three different colorways of the JW Pei Gabbi Bags.

Most recently, she took the light yellow version for a spin in New York City wearing a revealing halterneck crop top and low-slung jeans. Previously, she wore her orange bag with a simple white minidress and a casual baseball cap. Last but not least, she stepped out in a Prada denim outfit with the light-brown version of her favorite JW Pei bag. All in all, EmRata proved that the cute purse is super versatile and looks great with a ton of different summer-in-the-city outfits. Scroll down to see how she styles it and shop the bag for yourself.

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