How Lexxola Sunglasses Became the Fashion Gen-Z Calling Card

Call me biased, as I do own a pair of the blue Jordy shades, but I find myself reaching for the statement shades way more than I thought I would. Simple outfit? Add a pair of colorful sunglasses and it instantly becomes a whole look. Don’t believe me? Just take a look at Dua Lipa, Kourtney Kardashian, or Kaia Gerber—just a few of the faces you’ll recognize donning the sunglasses.

We caught up with Lexxola founder, Zane Saleh, to unpack the insane hype he’s created around the brand, discuss the economy of dupes that’s popped up in the wake of Lexxola’s rise, and why Gen Z is all over them. Oh, and introduce you to the brand’s latest shape, the sleek ’90s-inspired Eva.

I’d love to start out by having you share a little bit more about your background. Had you been working in the accessories space before?

Actually, no. My background is pretty unconventional in the fashion world. First of all, I studied economics at university, and then I ended up landing a job in art, where I worked for four to four or five years before starting like Lexxola. 

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