How to Organize Your Beauty Products

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When my fiancé and I were on the hunt for a new place at the end of 2018, we had one main priority: We wanted enough bedrooms to allow for each of us to have a dedicated room all our own. Having already lived together for a few years in a smaller apartment, we both knew carrying out our respective creative endeavors depended on this dedicated space. Little did we know, circumstances totally beyond our control would actually force us to work from home come 2020, so now that we do have our own rooms (his a traditional home office, mine an extended closet, beauty room, and workspace), we’ve each placed a heavy emphasis on making sure our rooms provide the most functional workspaces possible.

Working from home has presented all sorts of challenges, and as a beauty editor, the biggest one for me has been the sudden influx of beauty deliveries arriving daily at my doorstep. (I know. Tough life, right?) Now, it’s my job to test products and deliver the honest tea about them, but I have to admit that having to keep all of it in my home, without any real method to the madness, had gotten very overwhelming. Since March, my entire home has been a makeshift storage unit for my beauty products. There were bins under my bed and plastic drawers under my bathroom sink, and my workspace looked like the wreckage in a Sephora store at the end of a Black Friday sale. It had gotten out of control.

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