Keratosis Pilaris Treatments That Actually Work

There is no cure for KP, but in many cases, it will go away in your 30s. While there’s no magic fix, there are some things you can do to manage it, which the experts outlined for us:

Take short, warm showers. Long, hot showers will strip the skin of its natural oils, Rodney says.

Use a humidifier at home. This will help in drier months.

Avoid harsh soaps. “These soaps contain surfactants that strip the skin and damage the protective skin barrier. Instead, I recommend using a moisturizing soap, like the white Dove bar, that directly hydrates the skin,” Rodney says. You should also avoid scrubbing the area with a rough paste or loofah, as they won’t work and might even aggravate the KP, MacGregor adds.

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