Launch A Successful Cultural Transformation Training Strategy

Is It Time For Cultural Change?

Many organizations are resistant to change because they assume it’s too costly. In reality, not launching a cultural transformation training strategy can hurt your bottom line, as every business needs to venture into new markets and adapt its company culture to achieve long-term success. This eBook features all the steps involved, from making a successful business case to choosing the right tech tools. But first, let’s take a closer look at the common myths and misconceptions every enterprise should debunk today.

eBook Release: Time For Change: How To Launch A Successful Cultural Transformation Training Strategy For Your Enterprise

eBook Release

Time For Change: How To Launch A Successful Cultural Transformation Training Strategy For Your Enterprise

Discover how to continually evolve your brand with the right cultural transformation training strategy.

Cultural Change Myths And Misconceptions

Many organizations make the mistake of keeping corporate change behind closed doors until it’s time to launch the program. With the exceptions of monetary gifts and all-inclusive vacations, nobody likes surprises, particularly when they involve corporate shake-ups that cause undue stress. As such, you need to include your employees from the very beginning and keep everything transparent. For instance, host a kick-off meeting to let them know about upcoming changes and the new role they’ll play in the organization. You should also walk them through the entire process so that they know what to expect and when to expect it. Let’s look at some other common myths and misconceptions regarding cultural transformation training.

It Needs To Stay In-House

Some organizations simply don’t outsource because they assume that only their team knows company values. As such, everything needs to stay in-house. The issue is that eLearning vendors bring unique expertise. They’ve been there, done that because they have worked with other companies in your industry. Therefore, they can help you cut costs and reduce risks with custom or pre-built options, as well as lighten the workload for your L&D team. That said, you need to find an eLearning company that understands your brand and adapts to your needs. For instance, every activity reflects your image and messaging.

Culture Change Is Always Organization-Wide

Another common misconception is that culture change must be company-wide. However, it might just involve a single department or employee group, or even a specific location. For instance, you overhaul customer service practices and values for your front-end team or changes only pertain to external partners. On the other hand, you do need to account for transformations that impact other aspects of your organization. As an example, new protocols or team leadership in your HR department affect every employee since the HR staff is in charge of policy development and enforcement.

Does Not Apply To External Partner Training

External partners, such a sales channels and call center employees, are often “out of sight, out of mind.” However, they still need just as much culture change training as your in-house team. They represent your brand, which means they require continual support, as well as live events and certification paths that help them align with new values and policies.

Changing Organizational Culture For Your Enterprise

Transforming your company culture often requires all hands on deck. Employees need to be involved in the process from day one to achieve the best results. This eBook has all the insider info to get staffers on board and choose the right solution for your niche. Here’s a brief glimpse of what you’ll find in this ultimate guide:

  • Why Cultural Transformation Is Crucial For Long-Term Company Success
  • How To Spark Cultural Change With Personalized Training And The Right LMS
  • Types Of Organizational Culture To Consider For Your Cultural Transformation Training
  • Topics To Cover In your Cultural Transformation Training Course
  • Creative Ways To Get Employee Buy-In For Your Culture Change Strategy
  • Is It Time For A Change? Popular Cultural Transformation Training Use Cases
  • How To Change Organizational Culture In 8 Easy Steps


Many organizations overlook the emotional ramifications of change, such as how new team leaders or company protocols affect staffers’ stress levels and on-the-job productivity. Download Time For Change: How To Launch A Successful Cultural Transformation Training Strategy For Your Enterprise to ease employees into the transition and retain top performers.

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