Second Life Podcast: Dr. Robin Berzin

Wellness has come to the forefront of everyone’s mind like never before this year, from adopting alternative healing remedies through meditation and mindful practices to fostering immune-boosting recipes and supplements. A universal craving to prioritize health has emerged, and at the helm of the movement is Dr. Robin Berzin, the CEO and founder of Parsley Health. Founded in 2016, Dr. Berzin created Parsley Health with the mission to bring accessible, functional medicine to the masses by treating the root cause of the health issue through lifestyle solutions alongside traditional medicine. Today, Parsley Health has become the nation’s largest holistic medical service available across multiple platforms, including telemedicine and in-person care centers in LA and NYC, to ensure optimal health. From day one, Dr. Berzin reimagined what healthcare should look like by understanding the importance of taking health into your own hands and value-based care. “Our mission has always been to get holistic medicine to the masses and get it in the hands of everyone because absolutely everyone needs it in their lives. Our original goal was—and remains—to start by building the platform to scale it and to get the outcome data to show how this medicine works—particularly for people with chronic conditions—and chronic symptoms that they’re not adequately being treated for,” Dr. Berzin reveals. “And then to use that data to work with the insurance companies to get them to recognize this medicine.” 

Dr. Berzin is undoubtedly a modern voice in healthcare and a savvy businesswoman. She attended Columbia University for her MD and was recognized as one of the 100 Most Innovative Women in Business by Inc Magazine and esteemed by Fast Company for founding one of the World’s Most Innovative Companies. However, prior to her impressive wellness journey, Dr. Berzin was a producer at Oprah’s Harpo Productions, working on Dr. Oz’s radio show where she would learn an invaluable lesson: how to take health information and make it digestible to ultimately define better health literacy and understanding. Dr. Berzin has always been drawn to the fusion of alternative wellness practices and a profession, from exploratory careers in yoga and meditation to co-founding a digital communication platform for health-care provides called Cureatr.

Tune in to the latest episode of Second Life to hear how Dr. Berzin broke barriers in holistic healthcare and continues to evolve Parsley Health. And, keep scrolling to discover Parsley Health’s wellness offerings and use discount code SECONDLIFE10 for 10% off the 4-month and 12-month membership.

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