Tableau Training Transforms The Way You See Data

With Tableau’s drag and drop functionality, anyone can develop beautiful and highly interactive reports to share with your organization and the world!

Throughout your analytics journey, take advantage of Tableau’s industry leading enablement-resources, community and sanctioned training officially provided by Tech Data, to help you see and understand your data better than ever before!By attending this webinar, you will see a sneak peek of the Tableau Desktop training courses, and how the courses can help you create actionable insights; from connecting to your data, building bar charts and geographic maps, to building reports to share visualizations.

By the end of the webinar, you will see the key reasons of why you should take advantage of our Tableau training offerings and the benefits of leveraging Tableau to its highest potential. You will also have a chance to meet the Tableau instructor and ask any questions about the content or about Tableau in general. Discover more Tableau Training Courses.

Visit the website for more webinar details.

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