The 16 Best Setting Sprays for Flawless, Glowy Makeup

What can I say? It really works for me. After spending so much time applying your makeup, the last thing you want to do is have it smudge or disappear halfway through the day or night. This spray keeps everything in place for hours, without a sticky or tight feeling, which is so key. I’ve tried Urban Decay’s various types of setting sprays, but the one I love using is the Ultra Glow All Nighter ($33) one.

The spray leaves a radiant finish to your skin—not wet or sweaty looking but just the right amount of dew. It gives the kind of glow that will get the compliments rolling in. It’s also refreshing and cooling, which is a nice little burst of self-care while I’m getting ready, and it kind of perks me up for whatever I’m doing next.

I always use the spray whenever I put on makeup, even when I’m just swiping on some concealer and mascara and calling it a day. It just completes the ritual for me and leaves me looking polished, even if I’m just going for a casual feel.

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