The 23 Most Expensive-Looking Fashion Items on the Internet

We’re still only a few weeks into 2022, and I want to encourage you to remain strong and focused on your goals. If one of your New Year’s resolutions was related to personal finance, don’t worry—you are not alone. I’m planning to get more organized in crafting a successful personal budget, and while I’ve gotten used to my monthly wardrobe hauls, I’m being a lot more conscientious with my spending. Lucky for me, I’m a fashion editor, meaning I know where to find an affordable version of every item that catches my eye. And I’m ready to share the news with you.

A lot of my needs are being met lately by the newness from Who What Wear x Target. The latest drop was conceptualized by our team of editors and staff members who have been following the trends so well. I’ve had my eye on quilted puffers for some time now, and the one the collection delivered is quite the hit. While trends are fun, truly budget-friendly purchases are timeless and seasonless. There is plenty of that among the under-$70 collection, so keep scrolling, as I guarantee you’ll hit the jackpot.

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