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The offending ingredients: talc contaminated with asbestos, parabens

In the news of late, some talc sources have been brought to the forefront for containing asbestos, a known carcinogen,” says Au. While talc is regularly used in many products, she explains that the key is sourcing it from highly vetted manufacturers that vigorously check their talc supply for asbestos. There are also talc-free options that eliminate the possibility of contamination altogether.

Even if you aren’t sure what parabens are, you’ve surely heard by now that they’re bad news. These days, it’s common to hear brands across all beauty categories condemning them, but according to Thurston Scott, keeping these potentially toxic preservatives out of makeup should be the norm. “The main issue with parabens is that they are endocrine disruptors,” she explains. “They can stay suspended around the skin pores in your eyes and can affect your hormone system. They’re considered carcinogenic even in small amounts.” No thanks!

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