These Are the 18 Best MAC Products, Hands Down

When it comes to beauty brands that hold a special place in my heart, few come close to rivalling MAC. And while, for many of us, the brand might hold nostalgic memories as the place that we bought our first fancy foundation or experimented with red lipstick MAC are undoubtedly a brand that has continued to move with the times—innovating new formulations, inclusive shade ranges and classic product pairings.

At this point, I’d hazard a guess that I have around 15 years of MAC loyalty under my belt and during that time I think I’ve tried a decent amount of the brand’s beauty offering. In fact, I’d go as far as to say that I’ve pretty much tried every single product. But with such an array of products on offer—foundations, lipsticks, eye shadow, highlighters, the list goes on—and with such an enormous selection of shades and colours for every product type, which MAC products do I actually swear by?

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