These Are the 9 Most Popular Hairstyles Right Now

It’s official: Hair salons are opening for business across the US and hairdressers are busier than ever. Yes, after many months of neglect (with the occasional at-home haircut or color thrown in for good measure), many of us are desperate to get back into the hair salon to let the professionals take care of our strands. But with my own hair appointment booked in for next week, I have to admit that I”m suddenly feeling a little overwhelmed.

There’s a lot of pressure in a return-to-salon haircut: should I go for a full-on transformation and get my hair chopped into a shorter bob or embrace my current mid-length hairstyle by adding some fresh layers? There are so many hair possibilities to choose from and I know that friends and family are feeling equally confused.

So who better to turn to than the experts themselves for some guidance? While the start of 2021 saw many hairstylists predicting that copper colors, tapered cuts and maxi fringes would be some of the biggest hair trends of the year, what hairstyles are people actually asking for once they’re in the salon chair?

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