Vanessa Lee’s Favorite Beauty Products

It’s more than fair to say that beauty can be a confusing space. There are so many tips, tricks, and cult-favorite products exalted as universal must-haves that many of us end up buying blindly without even considering what our skin actually wants or needs. Sure, mimicking the routine of someone with great skin might feel like the answer to unlocking your own skincare successes, but according to Vanessa Lee, cosmetic nurse and founder of one of L.A.’s top skincare studios, The Things We Do, it’s time for everyone to take a step back and trust our individual intuition a bit more. “Take in all the info, but start a skin journal and write down how your skin responds when you use specific ingredients or products,” she says. “Listen to your face and body.”

What a novel concept! And it’s one that she brings into her own practice as well. Even though a scan of Lee’s Instagram feed will turn up tons of images of dramatic before-and-afters where she’s helped clients unlock youthful faces via the latest treatment modalities (you have to see what she can do with filler and threads), her philosophy is rooted in achieving natural results that leave those who visit her office feeling supported and empowered.

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